Sarrara Tribe

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Sarrara is an uncommon tribe of Abbottabad.

People of Sarrara tribe are hardworking.

According To the Hazara Gazetteer 1907

They Look like the branch of Dhund Abbasi tribe which they have Relationships of Marriage. The Sarrara people think they had relationships with the Dhund and Tanoli Tribes.

Utmanzai Tribe

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Utmanzai is a Pashtun Tribe.

They came here unlike other who were expelled or migrated because of war. They are here time by time and settled here.

This tribe has two clans, they are:

Karlal Tribe

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They call themselves as Mughals. They trace their descent from Kallar shah and came here under him.
They are called as Sardars because during the time of the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1296) they became the Sardars (leaders) of this area.

They now constitutes 30% of the population of the Abbottabad. They are a Hindko speaking tribe.

Abbottson in his book "History of tribes" called them as a branch of Dhund Tribe.

Jadoon Tribe

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The Jadoon is a pushtun tribe located in Abbottabad, Haripur and Swabi districts.
They are Afghans and clan of Pani.
The Jadoon are descended from Ashraf also known as Jadoon (Gadoon). 

They had three sub-tribes:-

Tanoli Tribe

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In the Period of Sultan Sabkatgheen he expelled Buddhist from the Mardan and Swat areas and bring their hundreds of families of Awans, Pathans, Sadaat from Ghazni to Naal and settled them here which later recognized as Tanolis.

Although "not usually acknowledged as Pathans, the Tanoli have similarities in manners, customs, and character with Pathans. The tribal and cultural practices of the Tanolis closely resemble those of the Pathans.